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This site presents a list of possible treatments for Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These treatments have been collected from various sources (individuals and organizations).  Some are official while others come from laypersons who are trying things at home that may have successfully worked for them.

There may be some treatments on our list that will surprise you, while others have been discussed on mainstream media.  You may think some are crazy.  That’s ok.

Our goal is to put ALL identifiable options on the table, and then let the pieces fall where they may.

For each treatment option, we must consider:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Side Effects
  • Availability
  • Historic Experience


During this life and death pandemic, it is important that no treatment be left unexplored.  A combination of possible sub-treatments may lead to an ideal treatment that saves millions of lives.  This is our present day 9-11, and we must act intelligently and definitively without throwing out ideas that are not profitable.


By nature, such a collection may present treatments that are ineffective and/or even dangerous.

The purpose of this site is NOT to prescribe anything!  Please read our disclaimer page!  We are NOT responsible for any misuse of any and all information on this site or sites we link to.


We embrace collaboration and contribution to the ideas presented.

We need people who can write and do research.  Programmers and website developers are also needed and welcomed.  This is a community engagement, involvement, to share ideas and start the conversation.  A step in finding a solution. Solutions begin with conversation and sharing of ideas.

The current content was quickly gathered and briefly annotated, but is clearly not all encompassing nor brilliantly written.  Good, bored, stuck-at-home writers are encouraged to contact us.

We welcome doctors and research scientists to join this forum in sharing what has worked and hasn’t worked for you and your patients. Knowing that each patient and mutation of the virus reacts differently.


This was started with the intent of helping the craziest situation of all our lifetimes.  Earning a profit is not our goal or motivation.  Nevertheless, any financial support you can give will allow us to pay some people to do some work.  Please contact us if you wish to support our efforts in whatever way.

Knowing that this is the research gathering period. We are all together in support of staying healthy and alive.