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To keep table columns tight, column titles are abbreviated as follows:
Rem = Remedy
Desc = Description
Trt = Applicable for Treatment
Prv = Applicable for Prevention
$ = Cost
AntiviralsHuge list of antivirals.VariesVariesVaries
Baking SodaBaking Soda was used to fight the Spanish FluYesMaybeLow
Bee PropolisBee Propolis was used to treat COVID-19 patientsYesYesLow
CAT ScanA novel treatment that may destroy single-strand RNAYesNoHigh
Chlorine DioxideChlorine Dioxide is a common oxidizer with many usesYesYesLow
ChloroquineChloroquine, a common malaria drug.YesMaybeMedium
CO2CO2 can be used as a treatment through other substancesYesYesLow
Colloidal SilverColloidal silver might be helpful in preventing viral infections.MaybeLikelyLow
Convalescent PlasmaBlood from recovered patients is used to treat the sick.YesNoHigh
ExerciseFrequent movement kept Kevin Harris alive.YesNoFree
GcMAFGcMAF is an immune boosting protein.YesYesMedium
HeatHeat may reduce the severity of cold, flu and COVID-19MaybeContributeFree to low
HerbsA combination of herbs may help strengthen the body.MaybeMaybeMedium
HomeopathyHomeopathy has worked for some in treating COVID-19YesYesMedium
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)HBOT is a method to increase oxygen in the bodyYesMaybeHigh
HydrogenHydrogen plus Oxygen can help in treating COVID-19.YesMaybeMedium
IvermectinAn old drug with a new use.YesYesLow
IodineIodine plus Vit A, C, & D is recommended by inventor of Email.YesYesLow
Llama AntibodiesLlama Antibodies may be the answer to COVID-19YesYes???
MelatoninMelatonin shown to be preventative.MaybeYesLow
Methylene BlueMethylene Blue is theorized to be useful in treating Covid-19MaybeMaybeLow
MonolaurenMonolauren is a substance found in coconuts with anti-viral propertiesYesYesLow
NatureLet nature take its course.n/an/ahmmm
Oregano OilOregano Oil can kill viruses.MaybeMaybeLow
OxygenVentilators with pressure may not be the right approach.YesNoMedium
Ozone Therapy (IV)Ozone IV Therapy has many effective medical applications.YesNoMedium
Physical TherapyA technique to drain the lungs.NoYesFree
PLX CellsPLX Cell treatment is showing 100% recoveries in Israel.YesNo???
Potassium IonsSupplementation of Potassium Ions helpful in recovery.YesMaybeLow
QuinineQuinine plus Zinc is useful for treating or preventing COVID-19.YesYesLow
RemdesivirA new drug that is being tested on COVID-19YesNo?
ShoesKeep shoes you wear outside... outside...NoYesFree
TumericTumeric has been used as a treatment.YesYesLow
VaccineVaccine is considered the ideal solution against COVID-19NoMaybeLow
Vitamin AVitamin A contributes to COVID-19 prevention.YesYesLow
Vitamin C – IVVitamin C delivered directly into the bloodstream through an IV bottle.YesYesMedium
Vitamin C - OralVitamin C taken by mouthYesYesLow
Vitamin DVitamin D supplementation can be preventative.YesYesLow
WormwoodWormwood is being used as a preventative in MadagascarMaybeYesLow
ZincZinc may play an important part in the fight against COVID-19YesYesLow
Z-PakZ-Pak is an antibiotic used for various bacterial infections.
Things to AvoidThings to avoidn/an/an/a